Advanced Applicators Services

Through penetrations
We provide fire rated penetrations through walls and floors with specialised equipment including cable trays and ladders, PVC services, steel services, cables, ducting within penetrations and blank holes that provide up to 240 minutes of fire integrity.

Mechanical track system
Fire rating of structural steel with intumescent coatings, cement sprays and a wide range of fire rated boards from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

Alternative enclosures/ custom solutions
When access is difficult or traditional methods fail to adequately cover a given scenario, we have access to a range of hi tech products used in the shipbuilding and luxury yacht market for passive fire protection and insulation that enable us to achieve incredible results. If its fire walls extended with suspended ceilings in place or intumescents applied within a working office situation, advanced applicators will find a solution to your passive fire problem.

Alternative enclosures include
Joints - Upgrading of doors and windows to fire or smoke rated, depending on the type and condition of existing doors it may be possible to upgrade them to smoke or fire rated doors. We also provide services of intumescent to timber, particle board, plywood and drywall situations.

Other services include:

  • Curtain wall separations
  • Seismic separations
  • Fire Retardant for fabrics
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